Our Movements

Powered by HealthTalkers* who have a genuine desire to help others, our movements keep members feeling connected.

HealthTalkers are educated; passionate, and informed. They are empathetic people and are motivated to pay it forward!


build community

We activate like-minded individuals, who want to be a part of something larger than themselves, to join a movement and spread the word to the people in their community. We help them spread the word about something that matters to them.


educate and prepare

We equip HealthTalkers with offline and online content and facts. Providing factual information to share or pass along creates an authentic structure for dialogue, empowering them to have effective, informed conversations.


engage and motivate

We empower HealthTalkers to motivate others to learn the facts, take action, and speak with their doctor, leading to better physician-patient dialogue and increased awareness of conditions and treatment options.

If it's time for your patients to tell the story and you want to learn more about how we create compliant WOM programs in healthcare, let’s talk.