During the Program your primary objective is to complete 11 “missions.”  You will be informed of these missions via email. You can also find your missions and progress in your dashboard. The missions ask you to provide inputs/UGC on various topic ranging from answering surveys, to filming your reactions, to providing videos, writings or other responses.  As part of completing certain missions, you will be asked to share information about your sleep habits, routines, and personal life related to sleep that may be considered personal health information.

Completing missions provides you the ability to earn back up to $400 as a rebate on your purchase price. With each completed mission, you earn the number of points assigned to that mission. Point values of each mission are pre-set and made available to you before beginning a mission and confirmed upon completion of a mission. Missions are worth between 5 and 15 points, except Mission 10, which does not have a points value because it is asking for ratings and reviews.  Each point is equal to 1% of the maximum $400 rebate. Completing all 11 missions is worth 100 points (100 points = $400). You will be rebated according to the number of points you have earned when you meet one of the redemption events below (for example, 75 points earned = $300 rebate). All rebates will be paid by HealthTalker to the advocate via personal check. Rebates can only be collected once during the Program.  Any rebate you have earned will be initiated for redemption when you have either:

  • completed all missions; or
  • contacted HealthTalker and requested to be removed from the Program and reimbursed for progress to date. (your account will be closed and disabled preventing future login to the platform); or
  • 30 full days of non-activity and unresponsiveness in the Program as determined by Philips in its sole discretion.

When any of the above occur, you will receive an email confirming your total points earned, value of your rebate in dollars, and where your check will be sent. When you respond to confirm this email, your payment will be processed and sent.